Monday, September 28, 2015

2 weeks - 9/28/15

Dang it's been a pretty good week. But it's also had it's downs. 

Good News: We are working with Sister Lish's son. He was baptized like 26 years ago but knows basically nothing about the church but he really has a desire to learn and find out if it is true. He is so awesome I just love him. He's been reading and just has such great questions. 

Bad News: We have tried and tried and tried and just can't get a hold of Nick and Demonte. And as for one of our other investigators, we went to go see her and we saw her pull up with a JW in a truck and the JW told us to come talk to her so we did and she said that our investigator has decided to study with the JW's and that if she wants to study more with us she will let us know but for now she doesn't. And our investigator was there the whole time and wouldn't make eye contact with us so ugh that's such a bummer. That actually got us kinda down for about 30 minutes.

Funny moment at Church: So I'm like "ok I'm safe. I won't have to give a talk at all in Natchitoches since next Sunday is General Conference and the one after is Fast Sunday and then I'm home." So on Sunday Pres Deford was there and the high councilor never showed up. So I'm getting ready to sit back and relax a little after passing the sacrament when the bishop calls me on the spot to come up and bear my testimony. haha I was fine with it but it definitely caught me off guard. 

So right now we are kinda in a rut since most of our teaching pool has vanished so we are really looking for ideas to find more people in little ol Natchitoches. I mean I'm not gonna have another baptism on my mission but I wanna leave Elder Allen with something behind, ya know. 

Well we are ready to hit this next week hard. 16 days left and I am not gonna check out!
Love yall!
Elder Lehr

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