Monday, September 21, 2015

dang good week - 9/21/15

Dang! Wow this week has been busy! Lots of meetings and stuff. But the time we did spend proselyting was real productive.

Cool Miracle: I just wanna say thank you for all of your prayers. So Olivia called us and said that she knows God has answered our prayers. She now has a new place to stay and is at peace of mind and is super happy. A lot more receptive to the gospel now. So their family is now on track and progressing. 

Investigators: So Bob has been reading his Book of Mormon some more so that's real good. And also Nick and Demonte have been as well. They just need to come to church! But they are doing well. I can see their faith increasing. 

Members: I just wanna say a shout out to the members here. They are so willing to have us in their home and to work with us. It's great. The hard part for us is getting a solid return appointment with an investigator haha but the members are helping us out a lot. 

Hymns: Dang I love hymns. They are the best way to invite the spirit. I now sing them in the shower and listen to them all the time. I think my new favorite one is He Sent His Son. Dang now that is a good hymn.

Wow I can't believe I'm going home so soon. I talk about it a lot and joke about it but it really does not seem real. But I am excited.

Love yall 
Elder Lehr

P.S. Dang I did not hear that about Sierra Leone that is soo sad! (severe flooding). When will they get a break. Josh has a class with Elder Gosch! That's sooo cool he was such a solid missionary.  And Many is doing well now. They have been having soo many miracles happen recently. They just got a full family that came to church and wants to be baptized. And they are relatives to the Johnston family there so it's really, really cool. Dang love ya mom!!!

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