Monday, September 7, 2015

Becoming Consecrated - 9/7/15

Dang this has been a pretty weird week. I literally have no idea what happened. We basically had a lot of meetings and a lot of service projects. Honestly Elder Allen and I just lost some motivation this past week. But....

Spiritual moment: Last night we were doing 12 week training and we got a little off topic but we started talking about our potential to become like God and how we can get there. We talked about how Elder Holland said that the goal of Preach My Gospel is to get us teaching the same way the ancients did. With so much power and authority. We talked about the need for the Gift of the Holy Ghost a ton and well it would take forever for me to explain it all the way I would like to so suffice it to say we have made goals to be sanctified and worthy of the spirit always so that we can teach like Nephi of old. Especially the one in Helaman. So we are really consecrating ourselves these last 5 weeks.

Celestial Burgers. We went with the Many Elders to Granny Lois for dinner and ohohoho it was sooooo good. Literally the highlight of the week. Those are some dang good burgers.

This next week we are having an activity at Pres. Deford's house and the missionaries are doing a little play where it is like the great and abominable sin to eat chocolate cake and to wear the color red. It's pretty funny and fun. It will be good. I hope a lot of our investigators come. 

Oh and some really good transfer news is that Elder Johnson is in Many!! I am so pumped. He was being trained in Natchitoches when I first got here. Good times.

Love y'all
Elder Lehr

Granny Lois' burger of deliciousness

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