Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore... 4/28/15

Wow this has been a pretty fun and crazy week.

Transfers: We're staying and the Lafeyette zone is merging with us so my zone will be huge.

Tornado: So just yesterday we were driving to the spanish elders' apartment when the sky went dark black and then while we are driving we get an Extreme Tornado warning text from Baton Rouge that says to "take shelter now". And that's when the sky went dark green and then it started hailing and small trees were flying. And the roads were flooding. It was crazy. Kinda scary. Pretty fun though. Thankfully we prayed right before we left so we made it safe and sound to the spanish apartment for lock down. That was a crazy adventure. Definitely the craziest storm I've ever seen.  Moral of the story: God answers prayers. It also blew a train off of elevated tracks in New Orleans. It's so nuts. Sorry to scare you Mom but we're all good :)

Investigators: We have tried to see our main investigators but it's just been so hard to get a hold of any of them. Also it's been raining all week like it usually does here in Louisiana. So not too much progress as far as that is concerned. We found a few more new people to teach. This next week will be better.

I seriously can't think of anything else that happened because the tornado was so crazy. Elder Sabey is spending the day with us so that will be really fun.

Love you all
Elder Christian Lehr

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

an eventful week - 4/20/15

Wow this week was so full of events. From a car crash to catching and eating a turtle to finding a golden family to flash floods.

Exchange: I went over to St. Amant for exchange with Elder Ross and that was real good. It was like pouring rain everyday this week so finding people was hard. But it was still good. On our way to a dinner appointment we got in a little car crash. And mom I was not driving. We were all in perfect shape afterwards. No injuries. Just the back passenger side door got dented real bad. But other than that it's all good. So that was eventful.

Turtles: So Elder Richardson has gotten on a crazy obsession with wanting to catch a turtle and catch a squirrel. We definitely caught a turtle with the south Spanish elders and are going to eat it. I am excited.

Part member family: I think I told you about our part member family. Anyway we saw the family this week and the husband has almost stopped drinking. We taught his wife the restoration and she is not a member and she was really interested and really wants to read the Book of Mormon. Also she committed to baptism! And another cool thing is they are white. Do you know hard hard it is to get white investigators here? African Americans are so much more humble. It's pretty cool. I love that family.

Trampoline: Our ward mission leader just opened up a trampoline park called Area 51 and it is sooo cool and he is letting missionaries go for free. So you know I’m going to be hitting that up hard. Also we went teaching with him and his car has vented seats. So it feels like an air hockey table. It is the best thing ever. Especially here in Louisiana.

J & R: They are another family we are teaching. They are so humble. They have been reading their Book of Mormon a lot. They weren't able to make it to church though.

Church: Kristi came to church again! That was so cool. She liked it. She stayed for like the first 30 min of Gospel Essentials because she had to go to work.

It was a fun week.

I am loving it here. I hope I stay another transfer here.

Elder Lehr

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Rains came down...again - 4/13/15

One more pic from the Color Run - 2 hrs of spraying silver dust means you will eventually get covered too

So basically it's been raining a lot this week. It's raining right now.

President's exchange: We went teaching with President Hansen and that was so much fun. I love my mission president. We had 2 super solid lessons. One was a man who is less active and is married to a woman who is not a member but they both attended general conference and loved it. So we have another appointment with both of them on Tuesday. I am excited. We also saw Kristi and we are really trying to involve the ward more with Kristi. That's what she needs.

Jul: We went with a member to go teaching and we taught him. It was so cool he wants to be baptized and bring his fiance and 2 kids with him to church. It was such a good lesson. It went perfectly. Though now satan is really hitting him hard. Stupid satan.

My Companion is a heartless monster: On our way to church my companion ran over a squirrel. Need I say more? That heartless monster.

Funny moment: We were teaching this woman and this old drunk man comes up and joins in the lesson. He actually made some pretty good comments. But As we asked the woman to pray she was kinda struggling praying and the old man is like "maybe if i sing a song it will help. So were on the side of the road and he just starts yelling some songs haha it was soo funny.

Dang this was a good week. I love my mission. It's going by soo fast. I can't believe this transfer is almost over. Then I only got 4 left. Wow.

Well I love you all
Elder Lehr

Monday, April 6, 2015

World of Colors - 4/6/15

Baton Rouge missionaries helping at the Color Run

Elder Lehr and Elder Murhula - a wee bit dusty

The Color Run in Baton Rouge

Wow this has been such an eventful week. We had dinner with president, a mission headquarters training thing, the color run with all sorts of wonderful colors like green and blue, and conference at the mission home. Too much goods.

Exchange with Pres: So we tried to have an exchange but instead we were only able to have dinner because he had to deal with some stuff. But I enjoyed dinner.

Training: So Brother Donaldson and Brother Hill came to the mission. Bro Donaldson is actually the mission president on the District 2. It was really powerful. He taught us how to teach effectively in about 10 minutes and also to be able to help the investigator to learn rather than us just teach. He basically said that missionaries talk way too much. We should just go over the highlights of the lesson and help them to read and learn for themselves. We also focused on using the Book of Mormon. Elder Sabey was there as well so I got to see him. Apparently my grandson Elder Netzly got his visa to Brazil. So that means that I'm going to have roots in Brazil from Africa. That is pretty awesome.

The Color Run: We had the opportunity to help out with the Color run. It was SOOO much fun. We contacted quite a few people there and it was just a blast. Our job was to be at the end of the 5k and pump people up and spray them with a silver powder. And that's what I like to do! I'll send some pics. Great way to celebrate my 18 month mark.

Conference: We were able to watch general conference at the mission home. It was really neat. President Eyring's talk just about made me cry. Too bad I left my tear ducts in Africa ;) I was also so excited to hear that there is (will be) a temple in Ivory Coast. That means that it will be easier for the people in Sierra Leone to go to the Temple.

Investigators: We found a few more people and tried to follow up on a lot of the ones we have but they weren't home. We weren't able to see Kristi this week because we have just been so crazy busy and she has too. But we got an appointment for Wednesday.

Spiritual thought: Something interesting that Bro Donaldson said is that Moroni appeared to Joseph on Sep 21. The first day of Fall. Or the First day of the Harvest. I think that symbolism is pretty legit. It's harvest time!

Love you all
Elder Lehr