Thursday, October 8, 2015

2 year mark, Sweater weather, and Conference - 10/5/15

Dang that is crazy I hit my 2 year mark yesterday. 

So this week hasn't been way too crazy. We have tried to see everyone, tried to talk to everyone we see but not much has happened yet. but Yet! That's the key word 

Bob: He actually watched general conference! That was real cool. I really can see his faith slowly increasing. 

Craziest Referral ever: So I get a call from Sis Leone saying that I got a referral from my mom! So I have a distant cousin named JJ who is here in Natchitoches studying at NSU. I was able to get his phone number from Pres Deford so I'll definitely contact him this week and take him out to lunch or something. Literally that was the craziest thing. 

Conference was great I love conference as a missionary it's like a Holiday. I really enjoyed Elder Bednar's and also the one seventy who talked about the atonement and how he dug a very muddy hole. Yeah that one. Dang it is crazy that I go home next week. I am real excited. 

Well this week I'm gonna continue working hard and I'm gonna contact my long lost cousin. Dang I love yall
Elder Lehr

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