Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dang - 09/14/15

Dang this has been a pretty dang busy week. 

Exchanges: We went on exchanges and I was with Elder Dobie again in Many. It was fun. Basically just tried to help give some tips on how to use time in Many effectively. Dang I forgot though how tough it was in Many to do that haha but we had fun. 

ZTM: We got to go to Alexandria and see all of the other missionaries. It was awesome. The instructions were pretty good. Basically talking about what Elder Allen and I were talking about the other day (becoming consecrated)

Cottage Meeting: We held a cottage meeting last night at Pres. Deford's place and we prepared a nice play and everything. We invited like 30 people to come and literally no one came. It was a big disappointment. But we still had tons of fun doing it.

Dying wish: So our ward mission leader Bro Allen always gives the missionaries who end their mission here a dying wish. So since he is a super good cook he is now giving me cooking lessons for my dying wish. So I'm real excited to try all of this out!

Investigators: We still haven't gotten a hold of Olivia. The young men who are investigators are both doing well. Though they didn't come to church. And Bob the old vietnam vet is actually starting to progress a bit! He is keeping his commitment to read the Book of Mormon! So that's probably the best news as far as investigators go. 

Dang love yall so much!
Elder Lehr

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