Monday, July 27, 2015

Welcome to Natchitoches - 7/27/15

Dang so transfers have happened and I have been banished to Natchitoches. It is literally the oldest city in the Louisiana Purchase. It is 300 years old. Lots of plantation homes and everything. haha dang it is so weird to be back up here. I pretty much know all the members already and everything so it is weird. But it is good. I love it here. 

Biking: Well let's just say we are on bikes and all I have to say is wife points better be real because biking for 4-5 hours a day in 107 degrees with humidity is killer. haha 11 weeks to sexy :)

Elder Allen: I am now training Elder Allen haha I just can't seem to get away from Allens. This is my 2nd companion named Elder Allen, and our ward mission leader is Bro Allen. I can't get away from them! Elder Allen is great. He is from Eagle Mountain, Utah and let's just say he has greenie fire. He is so obedient and just such a go getter. But still likes to have fun. He is such a stud. He also played baseball with Colten Vincent at West Lake so that's how he knows the Leones. 

Sunday: At church this man named Bruce came to church for the very first time. His friend just gave him a pamphlet with the church's address on it so he decided to come! He loved it. We got his info but he is like half homeless so it's really hard to catch him. But he is a cool guy. We got a few new people we're working with. 

Rednecks: haha I love how redneck it is here. I've missed it. People here are so kind and just sooo funny. Tracting in trailer parks is pretty fun as well. Let's just say that expect me to have eaten raccoon and squirrel before I come home. 

Pday plan: So the plan is we're gonna go to a members and go fishing and play volleyball. Then we're gonna have dinner with the Leones! I'm so excited to see them again. They are great. 

Well things are going real good here. At first it was a bit of an adjustment (to the area) and I am so glad that I am training Elder Allen. If not, it would be real tempting to "trunk out" but know that that ain't gonna happen. 

Love yall!
Elder Lehr

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