Monday, August 3, 2015

Dang its hot! - 8/3/15

Dinner with the Leones - looking happy!

Wow it is soo hot. With the heat index it's been 115 outside and that's in the shade! And biking in it is fun. Especially up hills. Let's just say I'm getting a good forearm tan :) 

Leones: The Leones took us to dinner and it was so good to see them again. They are the best. Lance Leone finally popped the question and now he is engaged. It's about time. 

Fishin: For pday we went fishing and it was real fun though we didn't really catch anything since it was so hot outside. Dang I got some cool pictures but the computers here are really lame and won't let me send pictures home. 

Work: We have been visiting quite a lot of less actives and trying to work with part member families. We have a few potential families to teach so that is real cool. Just right now it's all potential. 

Dang sorry I don't have much time right now. I spent all my time trying to get the pictures to send. Darn it. But things are going good here. I'm loving my companion and loving life

Love yall 
Elder Lehr

P.S. (Email to Mom)
Dang, Sister Leone came to church with us on Sunday. She is so excited for yall to come and visit. I am still working really hard. I mean it's hard in this heat and since the area is so small. But we are doing all we can. Elder Allen already knows how to work really hard. So now I'm just trying to teach him to relax a little and enjoy the mission. Just don't worry so much and be happy. (It wasn't until after Elder Lehr's first transfer in Sierra Leone that he learned that he should enjoy the mission. Once he did it changed his whole outlook on the experience for the better.  It made getting through the difficult times a lot easier.) And all I'm saying is I'm in the woods. There is a higher chance of me running into a cow then a car. I'll keep yall in my prayers love you!
Elder Lehr

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