Tuesday, July 7, 2015

'MURICA!! - 7/6/15

Dang all I have to say is God bless America. Amen.

Ok so this week has been pretty eventful. With some pretty cool experiences.

Exchanges: I went with Elder Baker again in my area and it was kinda interesting. It was just one of those days that I had like no energy or motivation to do anything but we decided to go tracting in some rich balla neighborhood for a couple hours. We got rejected quite a lot like we usually do but we were able to teach 2 lessons and get 2 new investigators from it. It was really cool. To motivate Elder Baker when we got rejected I would just point my umbrella forward and yell "wife points!!" haha hey it worked. It got us motivated.

More Exchanges: Right after that I had another exchange with the AP's but I ended up going with Elder Jones from New Orleans. It was weird but real fun. Elder Jones and I became best friends after only 2 days together. It was great he is such a homie.

Investigators: Well after finding out that we were single, one of our investigators pretty much proposed to Elder Richardson so we are no longer teaching her. haha that was pretty funny though. Raven still hasn't come to church. Parish went to Marksville for the weekend. It seems like everyone that we find on our own just won't progress. So now we are changing our approach. We are basically inviting ourselves into members homes so we can help work with them more. That will be key to having our investigators progress. So that's our focus right now.

4th: To celebrate the 4th of July we took a few hours away from pday last Monday so we could have some time on Saturday. So we had a zone bbq and that was tons of fun. I love our zone.

Well I’ve hit my 21 month mark which is pretty crazy. It still feels like I’m gonna be a missionary forever. Dang well I love yall
Love Elder Lehr

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