Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The boost I need - 7/13/15

This week was really good. Let's see:

Temple: I was finally able to go do an endowment session at the temple. That was my first time in 21 months. It felt soooo good. It gave me the spiritual recharge I needed to finish my mission strong. 

Tracting: So all of our investigators have basically fallen off the face of the earth so Elder Richardson and I decided to go tract hard. So on Friday we went tracting for like 3 hours in 110 degree weather and got straight hardcore rejections. It felt awesome! I felt like a missionary. Then the next day we tracted for like 4 hours and for the first 2 hours it was the same hardcore rejection. But suddenly door after door we started finding people to teach. So now we got like 3 new families we are teaching and that was just sooo cool. 

Joshua: He is a man that we tracted into and is probably one of our investigators with the most potential. He asked a ton of questions and has the cutest family and he is really looking for the truth. He said that from other pastors and stuff he gets a bad vibe from them but when we came he knew that we were good people. And he felt that our message was good. So he is letting us keep coming back. He practically begged for a Book of Mormon to read so he could compare it to the Bible. It was so cool.

Church: Parish finally came to church again! That was the first time in 3 months. He sat next to our ward mission leader and they bonded pretty well. And also Wyatt, a less active who hasn't been to church in a year came suddenly and he really just wants God back in his life so that his family can stay together. It was really cool.  

Elder Bown: I was finally able to talk to Elder Bown for the first time in like 5 years. He is Carson Bown and he was one of my homies back in Jr High. It was soo good to talk to him again. I am excited to see him at transfers.

Love yall Things are looking good
Elder Lehr

P.S. I love the Allens (The Allen brothers whom he has served with on mission) so much. It's great being Elder Allen's zone leader.  So for a more spiritual note I have a new rally cry. So President Eyring is probably my favorite General Authority. I just love him so much. He said that whenever he is tired and wants to give up he gives himself this rallying cry. "Remember Him!" That made me think of the sacrament and our covenant to remember Him. Really as we keep Him in our minds and in our hearts and Remember Him we will have the strength needed to endure to the end to keep pushing when things get hard. I learned that first hand after like 7 hours of tracting in 110 Louisiana weather. 

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