Monday, March 2, 2015

The Wizard - 3/2/15

This week has been pretty fun and we have had some good stuff happen.

Investigators: It was kinda funny while we were doing some service for Debbie she asked some questions about the temple and also asked when our church started so she could come which was really cool. Then she started talking about polygamy and we were like yeah we don't do that anymore. That ended in the 1800's. And she was like "what? I thought that was really cool. I talked to one of my friends and we were like that would be so nice to have another woman in the house to help clean." haha I was laughing pretty hard at that. Hey it’s better than what we usually get about polygamy.  She is a sweet lady. Sadly she didn't come to church yesterday because she took Benadryl and slept in. But at least we got next week. Also I tried calling Wendell the man we met at Taco Bell but there was no reply. And another investigator apparently got evicted. But we are still trying to see him.

Exchange: I went on exchange with Elder Gordon. That was really awesome. He is a solid missionary. While we were together we applied what Elder Kopischke talked about and we got like 3 referrals from that. One of their investigators was soooo drunk when we met him. I was like dang this guy drinks more than a fish. It was hard to feel the spirit in that lesson. One less active gave Elder Gordon 6 dozen eggs and me another 6 dozen. So we got hooked up real nicely. Last thing about this exchange was the crazy wizard house. I'll send a pic as well. It is crazy. I feel like if I owned that house my swag level would drop a ton but my nerd level would be off the charts. It was a crazy house.

Trent: I heard from Elder Sabey that Trent got the Aaronic Priesthood and he blessed the sacrament yesterday perfectly. And also that his dad (Dicky) came to church and loved it. I am so glad for Trent. He is my home boy. I love that man. Also shout out to the Many ward for making him feel welcomed and loved.

This next week is gonna be crazy busy with MLC and a zone meeting to plan for and exchanges which I am really glad about. I hate it when I am not busy. At least as a missionary. Also one last cool thing. I got a super awesome LSU hat for like 2 bucks at Goodwill. Gotta love my thrift stores. Way better than 25 bucks for a hat.
Love Elder Lehr

This is the wizard house. And it’s not a painting it’s all legit. 

Trying out a new hairstyle thanks to Elder Wittig

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