Monday, February 23, 2015

Elder Kapischke - 2/23/15

This week has been pretty nuts. We had Elder Kapischke come from the First Quorum of the Seventy and we had a multi-zone conference for that. It was sweet to see Elder Sabey and Elder Smith again.

MLC: Before the conference we had a mission leadership council meeting and that was really cool. One cool thing we discussed is about the difference between the telestial law of obedience and the celestial law. So as a missionary the telestial law is basically worrying about something like waking up at 6:30. The celestial law is applying the principles of preach my gospel like ALWAYS asking for a referral and visiting our investigators every day.  Basically becoming a preach my gospel missionary. We also talked about new finding ideas and how now is the time for the vision of the South to come to pass. We also talked about completing families.

Zone Conference: I’m not going to go into too much detail about what I learned cause that would be a 3 page email and even I would get bored of reading it. But basically we talked a lot about what we talked about in MLC and then something kinda interesting is when we were talking about families Elder Kapischke asked me to come up and talk about my experiences with finding families in Sierra Leone. And I am just super ready to find and complete families now.

Taco Bell: After the meeting the Spanish elders and us went to Taco Bell and I saw this man pray over his food there and I just felt like I should talk to him. And to let you all know I am super scared of talking to new people. I'll do it but I really don't like it. But I decided to talk to him and we had a great conversation and we are seeing him later this week. That was pretty cool since we get a lot of rejection over here.

Black Non-denominational church: Our investigator came to church and invited us to his church so we went and we were the only white people there. And the only ones in a white shirt so we stook out like a sore thumb. But it was very interesting. Lots of singing and dancing and the pastor jumping up and down and yelling. I don't really want to go again but it was kinda fun to go once.

Service: We went with the Spanish elders to go help paint Debbie's house. She is soo grateful for us and knows that we were sent from God to help her in this trying time which is really cool.

So that's basically this week. Oh and I finally got that package :) thanks

Elder Lehr

P.S. My birthday was good. We went to Burgersmith which is really good. And then we had the Fletchers for dinner and they are such good cooks. 

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