Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Trunky week - 3/17/15

Baton Rouge MLC Mar 2015

Goodbye to Elder Wittig with Elder Joubert, Elder Horrocks, Elder Lehr and Elder Wittig

Baton Rouge scenery

This week was fun but honestly kinda a struggle with Elder Wittig going home this week. We kinda slowed down a little bit. So with transfers I am staying and from what I have heard Elder Brimhall is going to be a zone leader in Alexandria zone and Elder Richardson (one of Elder Allen's trainers) will be my companion. That's what the rumor is so far. I am excited to work hard again. Being a missionary's last companion is pretty hard. I love Elder Wittig though we are bro's now. We have had tons of fun.

Exchange: I was able to go on an exchange and it was super cool. This old couple from Taiwan took us to a Chinese buffet and they are sooo funny. The lady reminded me a lot of Sister Free. We also saw a recent convert that moved in and they have had a crazy past. Probably one of the craziest I've heard so far.

Slow week: A lot of what we did this week was help Elder Wittig pack and whenever we tried to see an investigator or less active they weren't home so that was also kinda a struggle.

Well I know this isn't the most uplifting email but we all have those weeks ya know? Next one will be better.

Love Elder Lehr

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