Monday, March 23, 2015

Week of Miracles - 3/23/15

Elder Richardson, Elder Lehr and Elder Wittig

So this transfer my new companion is Elder Richardson. He is a fireball and just full of energy. He has been out 17 months and still has his greeny fire. The assistants told us that we were pretty much the dream team. Which is pretty true. Miracles are happening left and right now.

Tracting: We were tracting and this man invited us in and we shared the first lesson with him and his mom and they both were like "this could actually be true." So they now really want to investigate to see if it’s true. And that's just one of our many stories. We have a lot of potential investigators that need to be followed up on now. Also the other day we went tracting and while we were tracting we got the prompting to turn around and start tracting the other way and when we did that the first door we knock on this man answers the door and has a few questions about the plan of salvation and he tells us that it was no coincidence that we came to his house at that time. We got a return appointment for next weekend.

Contacting: We also have been talking to everyone on the streets and while we were driving around a neighborhood we just roll down our window and ask this lady on the side of the road if we could give her a pass along card. We did and we set a return appointment. Yesterday we taught her and she has 5 children and she really wants to be baptized and come to church. And while we taught her, her friend showed up and joined us and she wants to do the same. So the woman who's name is Kristi now has a baptism date for April 25.

Food: These members took us to a really nice seafood restaurant and I got to try swordfish and also fried alligator. Which is sooo good. We also got to try a crawfish boil. SUPER good. I love the south.

Debbie: We painted Debbie’s house and while we were there she broke into tears and told us that she knows that we were sent from God to help her. That we were angels. She started talking about how when she was super down and needed help we were the ones that called her and said we could help. She wants to have the discussions soon and also she wants to invite her neighbors over for dinner with us soon. Doing service like that and being able to answer prayers makes a mission so worth it.

We are now going hardcore mode and we are working like crazy and seeing crazy miracles come from it. Our zone is now starting to catch on and follow our example. I see great things happening in Baton Rouge in the next couple months. Great things.

I love you all soo much
Love Elder Lehr

P.S. So glad that Elder Richardson is my companion now. It is just what the zone needs and what I need. It feels like Salone again.

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