Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Kopischke Grind - 3/9/15

This week has just been soo busy. We have literally been having meeting after meeting. I have had a lot of meetings recently which has been good though.

Investigators: This week we were not able to see Debbie or Doug or really anyone that we normally visit but we will this week.

The Kopischke Grind: So that's what our mission basically calls hitting the grindstone and talking to everyone you see. That has been a huge focus in our mission right now. I went on an exchange with the assistants on Saturday so I was with Elder Murhula. He is a powerful missionary. While we were tracting we were also talking to everyone on the street and testifying to them and it was just a spirit packed day and we got a few new investigators that way. It was kinda funny one of our door approaches is when we knock on the door we say that we have been sent by God to pray with them and leave a blessing on their home. When we asked people if we could pray with them they would often say something like "Sorry I’m a devout Catholic." And I’m thinking oh you’re so devout you can’t pray with us? We also were tracting and this lady creaked open the door, saw us, screamed, and slammed the door, pretty funny.

Funny quotes: Elder Wittig was telling me of some of the funny anti stuff he experienced in Oakdale. "My pastor threw away my book of Mormon. Can I have another?", "My pastor told me that you brainwash people. Are you brainwashing me?" "MORMONS! somebody get a gun!" "Look you can see their horns!" "My pastor told me if I talk to y'all I’ll go to Hell.". haha yup that's the life.

Free Speech Alley: About once a week we will go to LSU and do free speech ally where we have a booth with a question of the week and people can write on the board. We usually do this for about 4 hours when we do this and we did it on Thursday and I just have to say it was freezing. It was 33 degrees and raining and with the Louisiana humidity it was cold.

Zone: We have been doing lots of role plays and I can really see our zone moving forward right now. Everyone is just excited about the work right now.

Elder Lehr

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