Monday, March 30, 2015

Going Hard - 3/30/15

Well like the title says we went hard this week.

Work: Most of what we did this week is organize our former investigators and hit up the ones that seem to have the most potential. Then we contact EVERYONE on the way to that person even if we are in the car still. Then if they aren't there we tract a little and contact more people and ask for referrals. Seriously we got like 5 new investigators and a ton more potential investigators. This next week is gonna be a lot of follow up.

Kristi: Our investigator Kristi came to sacrament meeting! She left right after but at least she came. And she has been reading her Book of Mormon.

North Elders: They have been working with their bishop real closely now and just got 36 referrals from him! Isn't that crazy. I just needed to give them a good shout out for that.

Exchange: We will be going on an exchange with President Hansen tomorrow. I am really excited for that so I can learn from him.

Fear is Gone: My whole mission I have been a little afraid to talk to people because I feared that I would say the wrong thing and make them not interested. But now as I have just been going hard and practicing I love it now. I am even now not afraid to talk to white people! They were always so scary to talk to. (When Elder Lehr got reassigned to the Louisiana mission after being in Sierra Leone for 10 months he said that he didn't know how to talk to white people anymore. Looks like it took another 8 months for him to figure that one out.) I just like now telling the truth how it is and inviting them to act. Not going around the bush to talk to them about the gospel. If they reject then I ask for a referral. It's all good.

Zone: I feel like the zone is starting to catch on fire. The fire is small right now but will get bigger. Our district is definitely on fire.

Funny experience: We contacted this man who was either high or crazy or both. Anywho he is the most ghetto looking person I have ever seen and he just started spouting about how God created 5 Adams and crazy stuff like that. Then how they have been reincarnated today as a deer or something. Then we also had a guy tell us to watch out for Sufu. Apparently Sufu is short for Lucifer or something so you know. Watch out for Sufu!

love yall tons

Elder Christian Lehr

P.S. I cant believe I forgot this part in my main email.

Clarise: While we were looking for a former investigator the person we were looking for moved. But instead we found Clarise who is from Ivory Coast, West Africa! She speaks just a little English, mostly French. So we gave her as a referral to the AP's since Elder Murhula is from the Congo and speaks French. They told me that she is completely golden. Just goes to show that the Lord is leading us to people who are ready.

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