Monday, April 6, 2015

World of Colors - 4/6/15

Baton Rouge missionaries helping at the Color Run

Elder Lehr and Elder Murhula - a wee bit dusty

The Color Run in Baton Rouge

Wow this has been such an eventful week. We had dinner with president, a mission headquarters training thing, the color run with all sorts of wonderful colors like green and blue, and conference at the mission home. Too much goods.

Exchange with Pres: So we tried to have an exchange but instead we were only able to have dinner because he had to deal with some stuff. But I enjoyed dinner.

Training: So Brother Donaldson and Brother Hill came to the mission. Bro Donaldson is actually the mission president on the District 2. It was really powerful. He taught us how to teach effectively in about 10 minutes and also to be able to help the investigator to learn rather than us just teach. He basically said that missionaries talk way too much. We should just go over the highlights of the lesson and help them to read and learn for themselves. We also focused on using the Book of Mormon. Elder Sabey was there as well so I got to see him. Apparently my grandson Elder Netzly got his visa to Brazil. So that means that I'm going to have roots in Brazil from Africa. That is pretty awesome.

The Color Run: We had the opportunity to help out with the Color run. It was SOOO much fun. We contacted quite a few people there and it was just a blast. Our job was to be at the end of the 5k and pump people up and spray them with a silver powder. And that's what I like to do! I'll send some pics. Great way to celebrate my 18 month mark.

Conference: We were able to watch general conference at the mission home. It was really neat. President Eyring's talk just about made me cry. Too bad I left my tear ducts in Africa ;) I was also so excited to hear that there is (will be) a temple in Ivory Coast. That means that it will be easier for the people in Sierra Leone to go to the Temple.

Investigators: We found a few more people and tried to follow up on a lot of the ones we have but they weren't home. We weren't able to see Kristi this week because we have just been so crazy busy and she has too. But we got an appointment for Wednesday.

Spiritual thought: Something interesting that Bro Donaldson said is that Moroni appeared to Joseph on Sep 21. The first day of Fall. Or the First day of the Harvest. I think that symbolism is pretty legit. It's harvest time!

Love you all
Elder Lehr

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