Monday, June 2, 2014

Blessings - 6/2/14

This week has been pretty fun and full of even more good learning. I guess I'll start with the investigators.
Investigators: So Reverend Moses still hasn't had his surgery. So that's still been stressful. But he had a sweet experience. He really wanted to come to church on Sunday but he was in lots of pain. So he decided to pray. And as he prayed he received the strength to come to sacrament meeting and he bore a sweet testimony. Donald absolutely loved learning about the temples and how it all just makes sense. He finally got his fiancee's information. So we sent her as a referral to some missionaries in Maryland which is so awesome. Also we have Bankali who is a completely GOLDEN investigator.  He has read all the pamphlets and is reading his Book of Mormon and even pretty much recited back to us the first 6 chapters of the Book of Mormon. He has even attended 2 baptisms simply because he wanted to. Then when we visited him he just had such a strong testimony of tithing and fast offering that he asked us specifically how to pay it. Sadly on Sunday he got sick with a fever so he stayed home but even then he sent his fast offering and tithing with his friend. This is pretty much unheard of here people having that strong of a desire to pay tithing.
Fun food: So we have decided to try and get more creative with our food than just rice with a tomato and hot dog sauce. So we have been making some sort of pancakes, stew, alfredo sauce and it's been good. Also really sweet blessings Mama Jay sells Pop Tarts now and also Trail Mix granola bars. haha She has the weirdest stuff. Then the best part is mashed potatoes. Oh how I have missed that. Elder Koopmans and Elder Loketi shared some with me and ohohoho. So good.
Sad news: So remember that first apartment that I told you we found? So we were not able to get it. Then the Kanzlers were about to get another sweet apartment on Saturday but it's impossible to get water to it. So we are still stuck in this dungeon and the cockroaches are back in full force again. And now we also have a few rats which we have to take care of.
Scary story: So I was just sitting on the veranda enjoying watching the horrible traffic and enjoying the breeze when I look backwards and see a woman walking into our apartment...again... thankfully this one wasn't crazy just misled. But still it's really scary to just look back and see a woman in your apartment. haha So that was a fun adventure this week.
The rain storm: Oh yeah I forgot to tell you about the crazy rainstorm last week. My companion and I got into the apartment JUST in time before the rain came. Then we got our boots and umbrella's and worked. The rain was soooo crazy. The drain systems looked like muddy monsters coming out. It was soooo much fun though. Ahhh I love the rain. The problem with rain is that it makes me just wanna sit back and do nothing and just enjoy it. Maybe play Pokemon or something haha.
Spiritual thought: So one thing I have learned is that if I as a missionary am bored during the lesson so is the investigator. So I have learned that the gospel is just super exciting and I gotta help them know that. Honestly I haven't really learned some crazy new thing as much as now I am viewing things on a more eternal perspective. I mean I know the second coming is coming really soon and honestly this world is really really short. I get really happy and excited to know that all this pain and suffering is nothing compared to the joy that will come at the return of Christ. And even compared to the joy that comes from living the gospel now. I have to say that I am so glad I came on mission. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. But I fear that if I did not go I would not be prepared for an eternal family and for Christ to come. 

I love you all so much
Elder Lehr

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