Monday, June 30, 2014

Light at the end of the tunnel - 6/30/14

So there have been some pretty fun stuff happening this week. I'll start with the news

News: They just split Kissy zone but 2 weeks later they recombine it again. Elder Bogh and Elder Itomo are the new zone leaders. Elder Muthoni's new companion (Elder Lokpo) just got transferred to Freetown West after only being with him for 2 weeks. So his new, new companion is Elder Amosa. He is a brand new missionary from Australia. He is so sweet. Also for the best news of all. (Thus the title of this post) We found a new apartment and will be leaving next Monday! We get to leave this cockroach infested dungeon! I have been here for almost 5 months. I'm happy to leave. Also this Friday July 4th will make me 9 months on mission. Crazy. So a quick early happy 4th of July :) Oh and I'm still district leader over this big district of 10. At least I'm not zone leader over a zone of 40. haha

Baptism: So Mohamed B. got baptized. He is a sweet man. He is 29 and is really trying to help his wife come to the gospel. The baptism was sweet.

Investigators: Bro J. is so sweet. Its just he is going through a really really hard trial right now and is really depressed. Basically because of his eyesight problem he cant get work and his wife left him and his family doesn't want to help him and its really hard because his family is everything to him. The gospel is his only hope. We met his wife and set an appointment to teach her this Saturday. Also Donald brought another family to church this Sunday. Sister Esi and her children. It's so sweet. We had quite a lot of kingdom builders come to church this Sunday which was sweet. 

Crazy thing: So we have had pretty much no water this whole week. The Lord has somehow supplied us with just enough to wash dishes and cook and most of the time shower. But there with this water crisis there was a BIG fight in compound that the others were having. It wasn't until Mama Jay got up and broke up the fight. Mama Jay is the wassup with the wassup. 

Branch Activity: So the branch had a pretty questionable activity. The young women had a Miss LDS contest which isn't the best idea to me because this makes the young women who don't win lose there self esteem and causes lots of contention which is exactly what happened. Also in the activity there was VERY loud and worldly music and some pretty bad dancing as well. At least the food was nice. The Kanzlers had a nice chat with the leaders of the District about this haha. Oh also I got the express package on Saturday which was sooo sweet :) (He's really enjoying the blueberry pancake mix and his gummy candy.)

Spiritual Thought: Well one thing I have been reminded of is really the importance to smile. There is sometimes where I am so stressed with everything and so tired that I force a smile and eventually it becomes sincere and I am happy. Also often a smile is the best service you can give. People want to be happy. I have found as I smile through my challenges and also with members and other missionaries and just everyone it builds a good relationship like that. So smile :)

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