Monday, May 26, 2014

The Book of Mormon and Basketball - 5/26/14

This week has been full of wonderful spiritual insights. There weren't too many lessons again this week and I'll explain that soon.
Working with members: I just have to say that I have found so much joy as I have been able to really work with members. They seem to trust me more now and we all love each other. The investigators seem more welcome and we have made some great plans for activities and programs for the branch. One thing is that now we are doing a Book of Mormon class to teach all members/recent converts/ less actives/investigators/everyone to learn about the Book of Mormon. And then after we go and play basketball or something and get to know each other. I hope that I can be an example and help to get other missionaries in my district to really work with the members rather than trying to do everything themselves because that is just stressful and not very effective.
Investigators progress: So still it's hard to see most of our investigators simply because we don't have time to see them. But almost all of them are doing great. One thing that I have learned is that sometimes we have been teaching too simply. In other words we are not teaching all of the essential lessons. So that's something that we have decided to do. Let them know the doctrines of the Church. All about the plan of salvation. All that they are prepared to learn. I have found great success in doing this. Investigators seem happy as they really come to understand what makes us different from other churches is that we have the FULL truth and so me and my companion decided to let them know this full truth. It really strengthens my testimony as well.
Reasons for not too many lessons: Well one was that for one day I was getting sick simply from exhaustion. I had been pushing myself pretty hard and finally decided that I needed to take a rest before it got worse. And that really helped. Other reasons was because we had lots of interviews to do. Sunday was completely spent on interviews. In Kissy 2 branch there are about 10 people being baptized which is great. Then in Kissy 1 branch we have 2 people. It's great though. It's nice to be busy. It makes time go by fast. The problem is that it makes time go fast so we really have to be wise in our use of time.
Chatting with Elder Bogh: So yes Elder Bogh is pretty much a young version of Mr. Clark (The awesome Physics teacher who recently retired from Mountain View) haha. He is very smart. We have learned a lot from each other. It's pretty funny how most of what we talked about is the doctrine of Exaltation which has been awesome. And then a LOT of Zelda talk. haha We were like talking about the deep history in Zelda and all the deep meanings. haha It makes me wanna play it when I get back. We have had some great chats and it's really fun.
More new stuff learned: I have really learned a lot about the restoration and the need of one. Also I have learned the peace that comes simply from forgiveness rather than being offended. Also I guess rather than simply learning the doctrine is applying it. I have learned that you learn more from the gospel by applying it more than simply reading it. I love this church.
Anyway I love you all so much.
Love Elder Lehr

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