Monday, June 23, 2014

Transfers and Examples - 6/23/14

So transfer news. It was pretty crazy so guess where I am now....I'm still here in the Kissy dungeon. In fact no one in our apartment moved...Again. haha At the end of this transfer that will mean I will have spent 6 months in the Kissy dungeon. (Elder Lehr and Elder Koopmans are real troopers for sticking it out with those cockroaches for so long) Well this week has been really fun so I'll talk now.

Miracles: So it was really sweet. We planned to see one of our investigators (who is being baptized this Saturday) but he was at work so then we were walking by and right as we passed a corner the spirit just said look to the left. So we looked and saw Donald our recent convert and he had a friend. They were just talking about us so he gave him to us as a referral and we had a sweet lesson. We were just about to go contacting anyway.

Referral: So his name is Alphius he is super sweet. He is in his 40's and has a full family. He was a teacher and he studied Theology and was actually qualified to be a pastor. But he rejected it because he kept going to different churches but none of them taught what was truly in the bible. He was searching for the truth. He has an eye disease so he can't read anymore but he is incredibly smart. He loves the message and is sooo interested in learning more. He is just simply a golden investigator with a family that the Lord lead us to. He even came to church 20 minutes early which NEVER happens in Sierra Leone. 

Also: We were about to go contacting when I get this phone call from Howa who is a 21 year old woman who came to church for 2 weeks but then went to Bo before we could teach her. So we taught her and she is sweet and knows the church is true. And guess what? Where she was in Bo was Yemoh Town, my previous area. And then I found out that Joseph Sandi (my recent convert) was her uncle and that's where she was staying in Bo. Man it's soo sweet. Anyway she came to church and we also got 2 more referrals that came to church that we are going to follow up on later this week. 

Well that's about all that happened this week. I get to enjoy the cockroaches again. haha We decided that there is probably like one giant mother of the horde cockroach that is living like inside the wall or something.

ok and for a spiritual thought.

Spiritual thought: Well this one will be about Examples. It's really interesting how many people watch you and observe your example especially when you are not aware of it. Also especially in a leadership position. People will always look up to you and if you aren't living the standards of the gospel then they will think of it as an excuse. But even better to focus on rather than when you don't live up to the standard is when you do. When you do it then people will be inspired and truly wish to change their life and their hearts. Everything will just work out all right. 

Love you all so much 
Love Elder Christian Lehr

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