Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Eyes, Ears and Hearts - 6/9/14

This week has been crazy as well so I'll start with the crazy news.
Crazy news: So on Tuesday we found out that Elder Ravia was getting Emergency transferred that same day and my new companion would be Elder Gantse from Ghana. I'll talk more about that later. So other crazy news is that Elder Bogh is getting transferred today even though it's only week 5 to Thunder Hill to prepare fore the Zone to get split since our zone is huge. So that's fun crazy news. Also I have still received no packages or letters....crazy huh. Hasn't it almost been 7 months since you sent that one package? yup still missing haha
My new companion: Elder Gantse is really cool. He has been on mission for 6 months and he has only been in the church for 5 years but he has such a strong testimony and is really bold. That's something that he has helped me with is I have a testimony it's just it is hard for me to be bold. I like to sit and watch. Also it was his birthday on Friday so I got to bake him a cake :)
Cooking: So I have been eating a lot better food than bread dipped in sweet milk. That was just depressing. Now I make pancakes every morning with a homemade syrup. I also have made the cornbread and off of that recipe learned how to bake a cake. I have to say it's pretty fun and good. We also found out where to get brown sugar! I'm so happy. I'll try some of the recipes you sent as well.
Investigators: So Reverend Moses is doing good and has been as active as he can and I am sooo happy because it has been confirmed that he will be able to have his surgery. That is sooo much stress relieved. Also Bankole and Donald are getting baptized this Saturday, They are both soo sweet and have such strong testimonies. They are both really mature men and are eager to share the gospel with their friends and family. Also the branch mission leader went to visit a lot of less actives and in the process found that one of the less active members had died and so he visited his family. The less active member who died's mom is named Isatu and is really willing to listen and come to the gospel. It is a great blessing to have found her. She even came to church before it started which almost never happens here. Here they do Africa time which means coming 30min-2hr late. Also Stella now has a good testimony and is really active and is coming to all the activities.
Things learned: Well we had a really sweet zone meeting where we talked about raising our commitment and the desires of our hearts. It was really good and spiritual. One thing that I learned is the often symbolism behind Eyes, Ears, and hearts in the scriptures. Eyes often refers to our perception. Ears refers to us hearkening or our obedience, And our hearts is our inner desires. It's who we are. Why we are doing things. That's why the Savior asks us to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Have a humble heart and be willing to change our desires to what God wants us to. It takes time. So that was one of my spiritual insights. I have seen that as I have really focused on my desires that it is easier to work harder, easier to love, easier to keep the commandments, and easier to be happy. It all starts with our desires then our thoughts then our actions. That is why repentance is also known as "a change of heart."
I love you all so much and it's really hard but I'm so happy. We are seeing so many blessings and fruit. Have a great week.
Love Elder Christian Lehr

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