Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sweet Week - 4/21/14

So this week was really fun. I'll start with the fun exchange. 

Exchange: So on Wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Koopmans up Looking Town Mountain and we got bounced ALL day. Literally we went up and down the mountain 3 times and man I was sooo tired. It was really fun though. I really enjoyed the hike haha. We planned for 8 lessons and eventually got 2 haha. Though, he showed me 4 sweet referrals that were his investigators but we found out that they lived in my area. So that's sweet. 

People: Well we have not had to contact for the past 3 months. Literally we got so many referrals it's crazy. We literally have about 50 people that we can go see, no joke. Also we have this funny old man in the branch who wants us to teach about 10 children that are 6-10 years old. And the thing is he doesn't even live with them. And the sad thing is they are orphans so they don't have a family to teach. So President Ostler probably won't want us to teach them because the chance of them going less active is too high and they simply won't really understand. I think the best thing for them is just to continue going to church and then when they get a firm testimony of their own they can be baptized. We just are trying really hard to focus on families and people who can be potential leaders of the church since that is what is lacking here. 

Baptism: So Lucy, Paul, and James were all baptized on Saturday :) I was so happy! They are all so great. The internet is pretty slow so I can't send the pictures today but I'll try later. The spirit was so strong there and it was sweet. Also Hubert and everyone is still really active and great. 

Blessing: So I found out that we can get chocolate chip cookies here (knock off brand of the knock off brand of Chips Ahoy). And man they are SOOO good. I'm so getting them. Such a blessing. Sadly when we went to get root beer they were sold out. So yeah. OH and probably the best blessing of all is that Fanta Amara, the lady who's husband is a return missionary finally received her answer and knows the church is true. 

Famies (not sure if this is a typo or Krio): So we have about 4 new families that we are teaching and they are very receptive. Families are a lot harder to teach than individuals but the reward is so great. I think that families are harder because Satan really tries his best to destroy the families. But man the reward is sweet. 

Easter: So it was pretty much a normal Sunday except that almost none of our investigators came to church because they went to their own church for Easter, which is understandable. I'm not angry at that. But we also have a club/reception center that every night and morning blasts music. haha That's one thing that I think is so funny about Sierra Leone is that they LOVE music. Literally around our apartment there are about 4 places where people just set up giant speakers and dance all night long. And of course it happened a lot on Easter because these people like to celebrate anything they can. 

Funny stuff in Sierra Leone: Well pretty much every traffic law possible is broken here every day. It is really fun just to look out the veranda and watch the horrible driving. haha It's so much fun. Another fun thing about that is watching buses drive by and literally everyone in the bus stares at me. haha It's so funny. ahh It's fun. Another funny thing was there were some little girls who wanted to come into our apartment. So to get them away I just got a cockroach and said "you want it?" haha that scared them away. And it was even an albino cockroach. (Sounds like he still has a bit of  "trolling" in him) Today I also saw a legit white girl which never happens. I was like, "WHITE GIRL!" It was funny. 

Well this is this week. We were supposed to go to the beach for super P-day but that is being pushed to May 5. So that will be fun :) 

I love you all so much and also really enjoy it here :) 

Elder Christian Lehr

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