Saturday, April 26, 2014

One More Crazy Week - 4/7/14

So the new apartment for the Upgun Elders wasn't ready in time for transfer so we had 10 missionaries here in the Kissy "Dungeon" for this last week. Which is really fun when we have little water and only one bathroom haha. But it really was soo much fun. Ok time to get the email organized.
Tender Mercies: So since we can no longer buy bread or really eat anything here and we had 10 Elders in this apartment, the Kanzlers bought each companionship a loaf of sliced bread from a super-market in Freetown West. I just about cried when I saw sliced bread. It was so delicious and amazing. Also Mama Jay the awesome old Lebanese woman who had the hookups with everything now has the hookups with white oats so I can now at least enjoy oatmeal (even though we have no brown sugar or milk). And she has some chocolate granola bars, and some really wannabe peanut butter..but still. I now enjoy everything that the Lord sends my way.
Sadly: The day after we received the bread I got sick with runny-tummy. I think it was because Elder McDonald and Elder Akponomoh cooked some weird sauce with either cooked cat or chicken gizzards or both. Anyway I wasn't able to enjoy the bread too much :( Also it made it so I couldn't work at all on Saturday.
Really sweet stuff: So we had branch conference yesterday since we won't be able to watch General Conference for about another month but anyway there are usually about 110 people who attend church every week but yesterday there was 170. Literally members brought about 12 new investigators for us. We are getting so many referrals and people to teach that we can't even keep up with it. I haven't had to go finding new investigators for the past 2 months it has been great. Even though we are living in some of the worst circumstances we have been blessed with so many wonderful people and I love it here.
Funny thing: So my companion Elder Ravia is sooo sweet. He is an awesome Elder from Fiji. Anyway he is super chill and funny. Well we were teaching Lucy and Victoria and they wanted us to help them learn some hymns. So we sang with them for a while and my companion is like, "Let's sing #340 (The Star Spangled Banner)." Man it was so funny to me. I was all like "YEAH AMERICA" haha. Anyway it was fun.
More sweet things: So regarding one of our investigators, Fanta Amara, her husband is a return missionary and he joined us for a lesson and it was really sweet. Fanta says that when she is ready to be baptized she wants to be married in the temple with her husband. Also Hubert and Alikay were baptized. It was such a sweet experience.

Well that's about all for this week. I really enjoy it here. I think another blessing that we have here is that we have more missionaries in an apartment so we have lots of fun with more people. It is sweet. Oh and don't worry mom even though I got sick I am still not super skinny :)

Love you all so much
Elder Christian Lehr  

P.S. So also we had a challenge to remember all 151 pokemon and I totally did it. Man it was sweet. Just had to throw that out there. Then we all made our team of 6 out of the origional pokemon.

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