Saturday, April 26, 2014

Life in SaLone - 4/14/14

So pretty much I got the most amazing news today. Ebola has not yet spread to Sierra Leone so we are now allowed to shake hands again and eat hot food off the street, only hot food. So I can eat at Amigo's but I still can't get ice cream there. Anyway I am so happy! AAHHH You don't know how hard it was not to shake people's hands. I love fist bumps but I have to say I got tired of it after awhile. I mean I feel like as a missionary I should be shaking hands rather than fist bumping. But now I can do both :)
Crazy news: So there was another Elder in Bo that got sent home for some reason (medical) and so Elder Crandall had an emergency transfer to Bo in Sewa Road. haha He went from the 2nd worst to the worst apartment in the mission. While I came from Sewa Road and am moving up in the world haha. So now the apartment went from 10 Elders to 4.
Funny stuff: Well there is tons of funny stuff here. I mean guys wearing cheerleader outfits, motorcyclists wear their helmets on backwards, though this week we saw guys literally pulling a small house/shack on a dollie down the street. Honestly Sierra Leone is sooo funny. Man some people do the strangest things. If I ever feel down (which pretty much never happens) I can just look outside and find something to laugh about. Whether it's things people do or an army of dogs fighting each other or anything. This place is hilarious. You just gotta look for it.
Sweet stuff: So we have 3 people being baptized this week. Lucy, Paul, and James. It is soo sweet. and also we have helped reactivate about 5 people now.
The greatest thing that ever happened: So at the branch coordination meeting Elder Allen T. brought me an Ice Cold Root Beer. I really felt my eyes watering. That was the greatest moment of my life this week. I have been missing root beer soo much and now I find out that there is a place where we can buy it. And it's not some cheap Salone knockoff but it is legit American Root Beer. Yup greatest thing EVER.
People: Fanta is still doing good, Reverend Moses we havent been able to see him at all, Ibraham hasn't been coming to church but he is reading his Book of Mormon awesomely.
Cool/sad story: So there is this lady named Fanta (different Fanta) and we came just to greet them and then her son asked me "Why are you even here? Latter days is a cult and worships the devil and I don't want you guys to come again." So I bore my testimony. We agreed not to come again. But when I bore my testimony I felt a burning in my bosom. I felt the spirit literally overcome my body and I guess that's kinda the feeling that Nephi had when he spoke to his brothers. It was my first time feeling that. I feel like they won't come around and I'm sad that my testimony will probably have to stand as a witness against them at the last day but it confirmed upon me an even stronger testimony that Jesus is the Christ, that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God and that the Book of Mormon is true. I know it!
Well apparently we were super close to getting a new apartment but we couldn't. So it looks like I get to continue to enjoy the cockroach war :) But I have actually pretty much given up on killing cockroaches since there are thousands of cockroaches and the only way to kill them is with fire. And that won't work on the cockroaches infested on the furniture. So I guess I’ll endure. But I'm happy. I just really really need like a 3 week nap. Just time to hibernate. Oh and I got your letter mom and Grandma :) Still no packages though. It's been almost 5 months since you sent the one with the speaker haha. Still hasn't come. Whatever.
Love you all so much
Elder Christian Lehr

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