Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pray As Though Everything Depends on God and Work Like Everything Depends on You

Another Week in Africa - 4/29/14

This week has actually been pretty rough but there were some good things that happened.
Goods: So Fanta Amara is going to get baptized on May 3 so this Saturday :) I am so happy. Her husband is going to come from Makeni to baptize her and it will be so awesome! Also we have found a few more families to teach.

Spiritual goods: We also had a District Meeting and I was giving the instruction and I was inspired to talk about teaching families and how the best way is simply to keep the Spirit with you always and you can do that by keeping the commandments and through preparation. Also one thing that struck me was keeping our hearts pure. I was thinking about what this meant and I was thinking on what is our purpose in visiting these people. Is it to have a lesson or to fill up the time in the day or is it actually to help them come unto Christ? I feel like as I try to do this I will have an increased love for these people and that I will be worthy of the companionship of the Spirit. I just gotta make sure that my intent is pure.
Rough times: So I really understand why even in Africa they call Sierra Leone the 2 year campout. Thankfully we have had water most of the week though, and we have had electricity but the electricity is so weak it can barely turn on a lightbulb let alone a fan. haha But it's not bad. Also we ran out of cooking gas so for the past 2 days we have been cooking on a coal pot outside which really feels like a campout. haha It's fun though. Honestly this week I was actually feeling kinda down which rarely ever happens but I was feeling old and tired. Kinda like I was after working asphalt. But I am feeling better.
Blessings/Cockroaches: So we were pretty much broke this week haha. Literally I had 2000 leones which is equal to 50 cents and that was all. Pretty much to get me to the bank and back haha. But the Lord provided for us yesterday and even though we had no money for food we were provided for and some members had us eat with them. It was nice. Also we found a new bug spray that actually KILLS cockroaches! So my companion and I massacred about 200 cockroaches in our desks and another 200 in the bedframes. HAHAHA. I was actually starting to lose my patience with these cockroaches being in the apartment for almost 3 months now. But we are slaughtering them. It feels nice to be able to study and not have cockroaches crawl up my arm or leg or on my scriptures. I'm still scared to go into the kitchen at night but we will clean that...eventually... so we have 400 killed and about 2000-3000 more to go. And I honestly believe I'm not exaggerating. We also found a good trap is to have a water bottle halfway full of water and then about 50 cockroaches will drown themselves overnight. So this is our trapping method.
We have had to drop a lot of our investigators like Gbrilla and his family because they keep bouncing us and they are not interested anymore which is sad but the Lord will provide for us. We just gotta get on our knees and ask. I love a quote that says "Pray as though everything depends on God and work like everything depends on you." I feel like that's a good motto for me. Anyway love you all soo much.
Love Elder Christian Lehr

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