Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ebola, Transfers and Cockroaches - 3/31/14

Pretty sure this is Elder Lehr's district in Kissy just before transfers. Elder Chemhuru, Sister Missionaries, Elder Simmons (with the hat), Elder Crandall, Elder Lehr & Elder Allen T. (both standing) which means Elder Koopmans is behind the camera. (picture courtesy of Elder Simmons)

This week has been absolutely nuts. Transfers, the massacre of 500 cockroaches (still only about 1/6 of the cockroaches here), and a crazy disease called Ebola that is super deadly and contagious that is going rampant in West Africa. Ok so to keep it organized:
News: My area got split into 3 new areas since it was so big. And my new companion is Elder Ravia, a sweet Elder from Figi. Elder Allen T. is going to one of the new areas that were split from my area.
Ebola: So this crazy disease has just come to Sierra Leone on the borders. So to protect us let's just say we have to live up to a completely new standard. Basically we are forbidden to shake hands, give priesthood blessings to anyone (who is sick) but missionaries, We can't eat anything unless it is professionally packaged or we cook it ourselves which is really difficult here in Freetown East since there are no super markets or anything, We pretty much  just have to get like animal crackers for lunch haha. And we can't have any meals from members or anyone. Sadly that means no more Ice cream at Amigos. :( I loved that. Even though it was really poor quality ice cream it is one of the few enjoyments we have as far as food goes.There are a lot of other rules we now have to follow but don't worry we have the promise that if we keep the commandments we won't need to worry about this Ebola. I'll still be safe. :) It's just really really difficult not to shake hands and to keep all of these new crazy rules. 
Miracles: Our investigator Ibraham had us teach his entire family and they are all interested. He wasn't able to come to church this week but he had his 3 daughters come to church and they were welcomed very well and really want to come into the gospel.
Funny stuff: So about the massacre of the 500 cockroaches. So we moved a table in the kitchen and the entire wall was covered in cockroaches. So as any young man would do we got bug spray and a match and BURNED THEM!! Muahaha those little suckers hehe. But still they aren't even close to wiped out. But man it made me feel good to burn those little %^$#^^$#%^# haha.
Fun day: This week we had a party for Elder Despain and Elder Turner who are going home tomorrow. We played Uno and made peanut butter cookies and just partied. Man it was so much fun.
Investigators: So Lucy, Paul, Fanta Amara, James, and man there are soo many people here I can't name them all. Anyway our investigators are doing awesome. The one sad thing is that one of our investigators and his family aren't keeping any commitments so we will still try to see what we can do for them.
This week has been absolutely crazy and hard but it's been so worth it. I love the people here. Their salvation is worth way more to me than all of these challenges here. I don't care if I have to eat crackers to live my whole mission or having to sweat myself to sleep or any of these challenges. I simply love the people here.
Oh and I got your letters mom. Thanks so much.  Well I love you all so very much.
Love Elder Christian Lehr
Freetown East Zone before transfers (Thanks to Sis. Kanzler for the "snap")

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