Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Havin' a good time - 5/4/15

This past week has been great and really fun. We went to the trampoline park and had a BLAST and we will be going again today.

Investigators: We found a sweet lady who is a young single adult so we referred her to the sisters. She committed to baptism though on our first visit! pretty awesome. We saw Kristi and she now works 7 days a week so it's really hard to get a hold of her. But we had a good visit last night. We saw Parish and Rachel and that was so good. Parish came to church and Rachel didn't because she had work. But we will see them later this week.

Finding: We decided to go through all the pi's in the area book and just text them asking if we can come over and we got some really funny replies. Some of which were really crude so I will not share them now. But we did have a few people say we can come over which is awesome.

Crawfish Boil: Our ward had a crawfish boil on Saturday and that was soooo good. They just get live crawfish and boil them in some super seasoned water and then we peel them and suck the heads. It is so good. Great event.

Zone: We absorbed most of Lafeyette zone so now we have the biggest zone in the mission. It's pretty fun. We have a ton of hoots in our zone and also hard workers so it's gonna be fun.

That's about it so far. Love yall
Elder Lehr

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