Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week of Ham - 5/26/15

So this week was official week of ham week and it turned out pretty darn good.  But it has been crazy with ups and downs.

Ups: So as far as temporal ups we caught an Alligator Gar, a catfish and a turtle. We also got $50 memory foam pillows for $10 cause of a memorial day sale. And we got to go to the World Jambalaya festival.

Downs: One of our investigators is having a breakdown because of some issues with her fiance' and so that's probably the biggest down. Also I got sick with the flu on Sunday.

Investigators: We got a ton of new potential investigators we need to check up on now. We finally got in touch with Christie last night and she has just been crazy busy. But all is well. Rachel and Parish are doing awesome and they both should be coming to church together this Sunday.

The week of ham challenge: So the challenge was to have the zone average contacting 21 people this week about the gospel apart from tracting per companionship. So a total of 399 contacts as a zone. And we definitely got it. We got exactly 399 contacts as a zone. So now President Hanson will provide our zone Ice Cream at ZTM.

This week has been a crazy adventure. We also definitely contacted a man named Grasshopper and an awesome old black man chillin in his suburban jamming to his harmonica. So we went and jammed with him and taught him the restoration.

TSwift: Tell me why Taylor Swift was not at LSU on Friday and we may or may not have seen her limo. Dang we also stood outside the stadium and listened to a little bit of the concert. Just a little bit though.

I love yall. Also I’m feeling tons better now. I’m done with the flu.

Elder Christian Lehr

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