Thursday, May 21, 2015

waitn on the police - 5/18/15

This has been a weird week.

Exchange: I went with Elder Peterson in East Spanish and their place is super ghetto. Literally gun shots and drug deals and lots of theft. Neighbors have broken into their car 3 times in the past 3 months and stolen their scripture bag. While I was there we took our lunch break and were about to go out and teach and it was about 2pm when we hear our car alarm go off and then we look and see this car zoom off. And we see a hand print on the window. So instead of teaching we had to wait for cops to come and get all the reports taken care of. Satan is really trying to slow down the work. I mean who tries to break into a car in a apartment complex at 2pm! broad daylight! It was pretty weird.

R: She is such a solid investigator. She is kinda struggling though. Her fiancé is still drinking and smoking and he hangs out with bad friends. Anywho she broke up with him and moved out with her parents. And right after she does that someone breaks in and destroys a ton of her stuff and steals all the new furniture she just purchased. So she is dealing with the police as well.

Parish and Rachel: They are doing pretty good. Rachel is now requesting to have all Sundays off which will be awesome. I really see them getting baptized.
Going hard in the paint: So this week now starting today is our zones week of going super hard in the paint. Get ready for a fun week. :)

Love yall
Elder Lehr

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