Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore... 4/28/15

Wow this has been a pretty fun and crazy week.

Transfers: We're staying and the Lafeyette zone is merging with us so my zone will be huge.

Tornado: So just yesterday we were driving to the spanish elders' apartment when the sky went dark black and then while we are driving we get an Extreme Tornado warning text from Baton Rouge that says to "take shelter now". And that's when the sky went dark green and then it started hailing and small trees were flying. And the roads were flooding. It was crazy. Kinda scary. Pretty fun though. Thankfully we prayed right before we left so we made it safe and sound to the spanish apartment for lock down. That was a crazy adventure. Definitely the craziest storm I've ever seen.  Moral of the story: God answers prayers. It also blew a train off of elevated tracks in New Orleans. It's so nuts. Sorry to scare you Mom but we're all good :)

Investigators: We have tried to see our main investigators but it's just been so hard to get a hold of any of them. Also it's been raining all week like it usually does here in Louisiana. So not too much progress as far as that is concerned. We found a few more new people to teach. This next week will be better.

I seriously can't think of anything else that happened because the tornado was so crazy. Elder Sabey is spending the day with us so that will be really fun.

Love you all
Elder Christian Lehr

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