Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dang - 5/11/15

Looks like crawfish is on the menu!

Dang this week has been good and just super busy and hectic with MLC, ZTM, car breaking down, mother's day, it's been fun.

ZTM (Zone Training Meeting): So we talked a lot about being a preach my gospel missionary and also keeping commitments. Also we challenged each companionship in the zone to contact at least 21 new people next week. It's pretty easy, people just gotta get out of their comfort zone. And if we do, president will provide banana splits for us! It will be great.

Cars....: So our car's battery is bad so often the car won't start. And the McComb sisters' car will randomly shut off while they are driving. And that happened to them while they were going 70 on the freeway. So now our car is in the shop and we are driving their death machine. Basically we are running off of miracle juice.

Plaquemine: I went on exchange and it was fun. Plaquemine is super ghetto. You know you are in the ghetto when people's car is worth twice as much as their home. Seriously these people are driving nice corvettes and stuff while they live in a shack. It was also pretty funny. This little African American girl came up to me and was like "I had a chocolate milk mustache once. You couldn't really see it." I was laughing so hard at that. We had a great time.

Skype: I loved calling home. It was great. I got to do it at the mission home and after the Hansens made us dinner and we just got to spend some good time with them. They are so funny. I love them.

Well love you all
Elder Christian Lehr 

Side Note from Mom: Elder Lehr told us that he and another elder took a challenge to "not" say the word "dang" for 30 minutes.  Apparently they couldn't do it.  Thus his title for this email.

We loved speaking with him on Mother's Day.  This was his last phone call home before he finishes the mission.  See you in 5 months, Elder Lehr!

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