Tuesday, April 21, 2015

an eventful week - 4/20/15

Wow this week was so full of events. From a car crash to catching and eating a turtle to finding a golden family to flash floods.

Exchange: I went over to St. Amant for exchange with Elder Ross and that was real good. It was like pouring rain everyday this week so finding people was hard. But it was still good. On our way to a dinner appointment we got in a little car crash. And mom I was not driving. We were all in perfect shape afterwards. No injuries. Just the back passenger side door got dented real bad. But other than that it's all good. So that was eventful.

Turtles: So Elder Richardson has gotten on a crazy obsession with wanting to catch a turtle and catch a squirrel. We definitely caught a turtle with the south Spanish elders and are going to eat it. I am excited.

Part member family: I think I told you about our part member family. Anyway we saw the family this week and the husband has almost stopped drinking. We taught his wife the restoration and she is not a member and she was really interested and really wants to read the Book of Mormon. Also she committed to baptism! And another cool thing is they are white. Do you know hard hard it is to get white investigators here? African Americans are so much more humble. It's pretty cool. I love that family.

Trampoline: Our ward mission leader just opened up a trampoline park called Area 51 and it is sooo cool and he is letting missionaries go for free. So you know I’m going to be hitting that up hard. Also we went teaching with him and his car has vented seats. So it feels like an air hockey table. It is the best thing ever. Especially here in Louisiana.

J & R: They are another family we are teaching. They are so humble. They have been reading their Book of Mormon a lot. They weren't able to make it to church though.

Church: Kristi came to church again! That was so cool. She liked it. She stayed for like the first 30 min of Gospel Essentials because she had to go to work.

It was a fun week.

I am loving it here. I hope I stay another transfer here.

Elder Lehr

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