Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving - 12/01/14

Lets see this week has been pretty interesting.

Turkey Bowl: We had a football game and it was Natchitoches Missionaries against the Many missionaries. We lost but it was really fun. I found that I can actually throw a football pretty well. Who knew? Then the rest of the week everyones legs were so sore we were all wobbling.

Dinners: We had thanksgiving dinner with the Daniels and that was really good. Then the next day we went to the Lee's and they gave us what they called a care package which was leftovers. Then on Saturday we went to the Hays family reunion and they gave us leftovers. Then last night we went to the Leones and they gave us leftovers. Basically we have been living off of leftovers this last week and for this next week as well. We are not even going to go shopping today because we don’t need anything haha. But it was all really good and uplifting.

Investigators: Trent stopped drinking coffee and beer and he is reading his Book of Mormon and is doing good. He promised he would come to church but on sunday at like 6am he texted us saying something came up and he can’t come. Also the Sisters had a baptism on saturday and it was Rebecca Hays. And her son really likes us Elders and so we are teaching him. He is awesome. It was really surprising to see that he basically had no Christian background at all. But he has really felt the spirit and knows the church is true. He is awesome. We are going fishing with him later today :)

Sierra Leone: It was interesting how I just tried to remember everyones names who I helped bring into the church and it was 27 people. I thought about that place and I realized that I am so eternally grateful for the opportunity I had to serve there. I love that place. The challenges were nothing compared to the joy I had there. Though again I know that Many is where I need to be. I just wanted y'all to know that I am grateful for that wonderful place.

Spiritual Thought: I was reading about what the scriptures say about worth. In 1 Nephi 5 it says that the scriptures are of great worth. In 1 Nephi 13 it says that covenants are of great worth. I had the impression about the saviors sacrifice and how we are worthy of his atonement. Or in other words we are worth it. In D&C 15:6 it tells us that the thing that is of the MOST worth is to declare repentance unto this people. In D&C 18 it tells about the worth of souls and the joy of one soul who repenteth.  Also it says in 2 Nephi 9:51 that we should not spend our money nor our time for that which is of no worth. I just linked all of these scriptures together and got that what the Lord wants me to do is to help other people be happy and that can only truly come if they make changes in their lives and come unto Christ.

Love Elder Christian Lehr

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