Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Many Miracles - 12/16/14

Brelin's baptism

Boiled Turtle? Elder Sabey & Elder Smith

Natchitoches District Dec 2014

This has been such a crazy week oh I don't even know where to start. ok I'll start from the beginning.

Burgers: We got some Granny Louise burgers which are the best burgers ever. So that was good. I ate about 3 and Elder Sabey had 4.

Exchange: I went on exchange with Elder Gosch and that was really good. I learned a lot from him. We spent a bit of time improving our tracting skills. We got two PI's from it that we gave to the sisters so that was good. Oh and Elder Sabey boiled a turtle. 

Specialized training: We had our meeting and that was really good. I love Elder Allen. He is the bomb. He is so much like his older brother. President Hansen talked about some symbolism in Christmas and I really enjoyed that. I always love learning about symbolism and stuff. After that we went to the Pineville parade where we passed out a ton of He is the Gift pass along cards with candy canes on them. It was long but good.

Worst news ever: So transfer news came....and our truck is gone. Our whole district is staying the same except for Sister Ogden is going home. I like the part that our district is the same. But we switched cars with the Natchitoches sisters and so now the sisters have the truck which is just salt on the wound. So now we have a white jeep which is still good. It reminds me of my jeep from home. 

Best news ever: Brelin got baptized!!! That was so awesome. It was very spiritual and just good. He is awesome. I love that kid.

We finally saw Jimmy Carter who is a less active and he is a big hunter. He has a ton of deer heads mounted everywhere. He gave us two full front legs so we are going to enjoy that. Elder Sabey taught me how to butcher the deer. 

haha I forgot to end my email. So that's basically my crazy week.
Love you all 
Elder Lehr

P.S. Oh and I wasn't able to play the sax. They tried everything but nobody had one. President Hansen gave a shout out to the Many Missionaries for rocking up Many and making it awesome. He did that at the meeting.

We also got an email from a member of the Many Ward last night telling us (in part) the following about Elder Lehr:

"We are thankful to have him give of himself in the service of our Heavenly Father.  He is a devoted missionary and is having an impact upon our ward membership.  I sing in the ward choir and I so much appreciate his beautiful bass voice.  It has been my wife and I's privilege to have he and his companions to visit in our home, to enjoy a meal and to leave a spiritual message.  You can be proud of his devotion to the Lord's work.

He told us that he first served in Sierra Leone and we know that through the spirit of the Lord he was sent to our mission to complete his assignment.  Thank you for sharing him with us in this area and the other areas which will constitute his mission in Louisiana." 

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