Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Week - 12/29/14

Christmas Dinner at the Leone's

This week was pretty slow but at the same time pretty darn good. I love Christmas. 

Basketball: We played the Leesville district in basketball on Monday and we won :) That was really fun. We played for about 5 hours that day. We were so sore next couple days. We also played on Christmas with the Vincent Clan. We lost that one but it was still really fun. 

Investigators: It was hard to see a lot of investigators because of it being Christmas week but it was still really good. We got a referral from this lady in Texas and the guys name is Gary. He is about 51 and has to go through dialysis and was looking for a church that he felt welcomed in. He came to church yesterday! I hope he enjoyed it we will follow up later this week. He left after sacrament meeting though. Trent got home at like 6:30 am on Sunday so he didn't come to church. We finished the lessons with him but he still is looking to see if the Book of Mormon is true. So we gave him our top 20 favorite chapters and committed him to read those. Also just yesterday while we were teaching Sean, his neighbor named Dakota who we have randomly seen literally everywhere was like hey come preach to me. So we did. And him and his wife are interested in the Book of Mormon. That was a really cool miracle.

Christmas: So as you know the Vincents let us go to their house and use their Ipads to facetime home. I really enjoyed that. I get one more call home on my mission. Also our mission president gave us permission to watch one clean Disney movie so we watched Frozen. I am so happy I finally got to watch it. It made me SOOO trunky. haha I have never been so trunky in my life. I really enjoyed it. Don't worry I'm over the trunkiness now. We then went to Bishop's and had some great food there. Then for dinner we went to the Leones for some really good food. And I got to leach off the sisters' movie and watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 while I was there. It was really good. 

That was basically the week.

I love you all 
Love Elder Lehr

P.S. That was so good seeing you guys. It felt less like a phone call and more like I was just there talking with you all. I enjoyed it. I get the feeling next phone call will be more plans for when I get home. I'm glad you enjoyed that Cajun Christmas :) That will be a family tradition now. That's so cool that Alex is back. I bet he will be married in 1 year. By that I mean he will get a girlfriend and then try to wait till Spencer gets back. I really enjoyed talking with yall. The dinner on the 27th was really good.  Its been raining for the past 2 days and it's been pretty darn hard at times. 

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