Monday, November 24, 2014

Many and Its Many Miracles - 11/24/14

This week was good. Not quite as miraculous as last week but good. Hmm what has happened.

Service: There is this guy who is opening a new restaurant in Many and we offered him help. So that's what we have been doing a lot of this week. Setting up a kitchen and remodeling the place. I have learned a few new cooking tricks as well :) He said that he would make sure we eat well there for our service so I'm happy about that :) Also it means that he will now at least love missionaries. 

Moving the Sisters: We also spent a bit of time helping the sisters move apartments since we have a truck. 

Investigators: We taught Mickie about why he needs to know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and why this is the only true church because it's the only church that has the Fullness of the Gospel and the Authority to perform ordinances and minister. And it seems like it finally clicked. I think what his problem now is that he doesn't understand covenants. So we will talk about that next. It was a good lesson though. Our buddy Joseph who we read the Book of Mormon with everyday we walked by his shop and we saw him reading! He really enjoys it and is already in 2 Nephi. Now he is also really interested in our church and wants to come to church with us. Trent and Dickie. Well we had a great lesson with them but they didn't come to church on Sunday which was a bummer. Though Trent really wants to be baptized and is excited for his baptism so that's awesome. 

Miracle Sonic? So we got a little tired of McDonalds and we didn't really want to cook anything so we went to Sonic and right when we get there some awesome members come up and buy our meal and they were like "So that's the reason we were inspired to go to Sonic." So I think its just miracle Many rather than Miracle McDonalds.  Also another really cool miracle was this less active member who didn't really like missionaries coming to his house randomly called us and said he has been thinking about the church and wanted us to stop by. So we did and read the Book of Mormon with him. That book is powerful.

Bonfire: The youth had a bonfire fireside where Elder Sabey and I dress up as Helaman and the Strippling warriors and we acted it out and it was pretty good. 

We still got quite a few lessons this week which is awesome. Now we are just trying to keep it up and make all those lessons meaningful and not just a number.

Happy thanksgiving!
Love Elder Lehr

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