Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good Week - 1/5/15

We got another surprise text from a member in Many with this picture of Elder Lehr and Elder Sabey

This week has been pretty good. It has literally rained for a full week straight. It was awesome it felt like Africa again. Except I think it rained a little harder there. But still awesome.

Investigators: Trent came to church again and loved it. He pretty much owns his baptism date now. He is so good. Dakota and Kelly didn't come to church because Kelly got sick. And Gary didn't because he was sick. A lot of people here are sick. But we're still working with them.

The Storm: So like I said it's been raining like crazy here. On Saturday we got a knock on our door at 4am and it's our neighbor Rick warning us that there was 60mph wind outside and a high chance of a tornado coming through Many. There was no tornado but it was still pretty legit. And I love the rain. 

District goal: So as a district we set a goal to reach 80 lessons in one week this transfer and we did it! My goal with the district right now is to make them stretch to get more lessons so that they will want to find more people to teach. And then our next goal is to focus on getting those new people we are teaching to have member present lessons. So basically get a new teaching pool and then have members work with us. 

Well not too much new has happened this week. But it was still really good. I love it here.

Love Elder Lehr

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