Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sick/weird/good - 11/4/14

NSU football game

Watching Marching Band in LA while my family is watching a competition in St. George, gotta love it!

This has been quite an eventful/noneventful week. It started really well Monday when we visited the Webb family and gave Sister Webb a blessing. They are a part member family who wants to come to church. And came :)

Investigators: So we saw Dickie yesterday and had a great lesson with him. We had W.C Hardy our ward mission leader join us and we taught him the plan of salvation and the spirit was so strong. And his son was there and wants to learn more so that was a sweet miracle. I realized that Elder Sabey is really good with object lessons and just relating to everyone here and I am good at finding a scripture for everything. He teaches and I just back it up with the scriptures. This companionship is great. 
We also saw Mickie and taught him lesson 2 and that went really well. The spirit was strong and he just needs to read that Book of Mormon. Chris came to the Halloween activity but had work on Sunday. Marty is still in pretty bad shape so we gave him a blessing. 

Less Active: We saw the guy with the guns and he showed us his 338 Lapua and shot it for us and that is the sniper with the longest recorded kill of like 1.6 miles. Pretty crazy and powerful. It was so strong him shooting it pretty much knocked the breath out of me. We had a few less actives come to church and that was awesome. 

Sickness: So I got a cold. Then Elder Sabey got a cold so we were both pretty much out of commission a lot of this week. 

Football Game: So we got permission to watch the NSU football game as a district and that was really fun. Cold but fun. NSU lost by one touchdown. 

Oh Transfer news: So Elder Johnson is being transferred and Elder Scholes is going home. I really love those two elders. They are wonderful. Everyone in the district is staying the same except I am district leader now. So I get to train and be District leader. fun stuff. I have to say it was nice having that little break of no leadership. But I gotta do what I gotta do. 

Miracle McDonalds: We went to the library to do some online training for Elder Sabey and this guy named Nathen talks to me and asks who we are and he is homeless and has been really searching for a true church. And guess where he works....Miracle McDonalds. haha that's 7 in a row! that place is nuts! I'm lovin it. haha

Well that's all for this week. Love you all
Love Elder Lehr
Elder Lehr and Elder Scholes (District Leader)

The Natchitoches District at the NSU Football game (yes, Elder Lehr has a scripture case between him and Sister Ogden)

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