Monday, October 27, 2014

Workin good - 10/27/14

I have to say I am loving this companionship. Elder Sabey is a big jock and hunter and a Canadian redneck so he can relate to a lot of people here. And I am a nerd. So I can relate to everyone else. He can start a conversation and if there is any gospel questions I can answer. It's just working really well. 

Investigators: So remember that lady who contacted us at the library a long time back? So we got a lesson with her and she came and we had the lesson at a member's house. She pretty much told us her whole life story and is a very strong Baptist but her daughter is a Mormon. And she has seen the change in her daughter. So she wants to investigate the church. She has read the Book of Mormon but still doesn't think Joseph Smith is a prophet. It was funny we only said like 10 words. She talked the whole time and just said that she would read again, pray and she invited herself to church so she could investigate. And we were like "wonderful". That's exactly what we were trying to do. Also we got a good lesson with Chris. Sadly we had no investigators at church this Sunday. 

Miracle McDonalds Continues: Well we had nothing to do so we went to McDonalds and the lady who we gave the Book of Mormon to actually read it a bit and has questions! So it continues! That's 6 in a row.

Ward Work: What is really good is that Elder Sabey and I have gotten the trust of the members and they all really want to work with us and trust us with their friends. We also went with Glen Hardy the Stake Patriarch to go see some referrals. It was pretty funny we were like "wow you can relate to everybody." And he said "Well I have been blessed with the gift of gab. I can talk to a fence pole if it will stay still long enough." haha I love this place.

We had Jimmy Carter, a less active, come to church and he set up a dinner appointment with us tomorrow. And we are going to have some Venison. Also we had Deer Sausage last night and that was good. Basically the work is really going to go forth in Many. With all the 2,300 people here.

Miles: So to answer your question on miles. We found out that we have 1175 miles for the month and with all the meetings, transfers and stuff we have that takes up 1205 miles. So it is literally impossible for us to be under miles. So we just do the best we can and work with the members. And we stick in good ole Many. But at least we have a truck :)

Love Elder Christian Lehr

P.S. James told me that in Kissy they had 15 investigators come to church.

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