Monday, November 17, 2014

Miracle Many - 11/17/14

This week has been so awesome. We saw quite a few new people and well lots of miracles in Many.

Lessons: So we got 21 lessons this week which is crazy. I honestly did not think it was possible in Many as many other missionaries in the past have. That is about what we were getting in Sierra Leone. It is so wonderful. 

Converse: We went with Glen Hardy who is the stake patriarch to go see some less actives in Converse which is about 43 miles away from Many. And it's still in our area. He actually took us about 6 yards outside our mission boundary just to say "this is the mission boundary" haha. Anyway it was good to see those less actives and one of them looks just like Santa. Like no joke exactly like Santa.

Miracles at Church: As you know this Sunday we had 13 less actives at church and 1 investigator. We brought Trent our investigator to church for the first time and he really enjoyed it. Also one of the less actives we've been working with Sean Johnson finally came to church! We did everything in our power to help him to come. To knocking on his door at 8am and calling him and reminding him the night before. And it worked! I have found that what really helps investigators keep commitments is having the commitment be the focus of the lesson, not just something that you add at the end. So basically helping investigators really understand why they need to keep the commitment. 

Miracle McDonalds?: Well we went and it failed us. Our investigator there simply doesn't really want to talk to us to much so we dropped him. 

Funny Guy: One of our investigators is this 85 year old man named Guy who talks about how you shouldn't brag or be obsessed with money and that's all he ever talks about is how he has been sooo successful. At the start of the lesson he gave us his resume! Who does that? He is an 85 year old man and we are missionaries. It's pretty funny how he wants to brag about himself to us. Next time we visit him we are going to be like "we have looked through your resume and well. Your application is accepted. You can become a member of the church." haha that will be fun.

Gumbo!: We made gumbo for the first time and it was sooooo good I'm totally gonna make it when I get home as well.

Finding: We tried to contact all the names we don't know on our phone and well we got rejected a lot haha that was fun.

Anywho this week has been great and Many is on fire. 

Love you all 
Elder Christian Lehr

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