Monday, October 20, 2014

Miracles in Many, great week! - 10/20/14

Beautiful Louisiana!

Elder Lehr while in Natchitoches.  Back to being Linus again, wrapped in a blanket. :)
So basically this week is jam packed with miracles and fun jazz.

Another lockdown: So Monday we had 2 lessons planned but there was that crazy storm that came through and so the mission went into lockdown for that night. I am tired of lockdowns haha. And what was lame was right when they texted us that it stopped raining and the sky was clear. That was because the storm hit Many first. 

Miracle McDonalds continues!: So that place is psycho. This week we were on exchange and Elder Sabey and Elder Scholles just go on a walk and this guy in McDonalds just calls him over and tells him that this girl needs a Book of Mormon. So they gave her a Book of Mormon. Then a couple days later we decide to go on another walk and right when we reach McDonalds the Relief Society president asks us to do some service in setting up tables and stuff for a ward activity. Literally every time we go there something strange happens. This makes 5 times in a row

Referrals: So we have asked everyone we see for referrals and it's awesome 2 of our investigators gave us referrals and they are both awesome investigators. Dickie and Mickie. They are both black and awesome. Then I'll get to the best miracle of all.

First investigator at Church!: So Saturday night we are supposed to be at a ward activity but we get a text from the Box family who are less active. They say that they have someone who is interested at their house right now. And the referral is Destiny's fiance. So we teach him and have an awesome lesson and on Sunday the whole family came to church with Chris, the fiance! This is my first investigator that attended church in my 2 and a half months in Louisiana. And that's not even all. Between the sisters and us there were 23 new faces at church. That has never happened in Many. There were like 4 less active families that came and 1 investigator family that the sisters have. So awesome.

Activity: So it was a home teaching and visiting teaching thing and at the end they had a live jazz band come and play for us. And they had an awesome saxophone. I loved it. (Elder Lehr plays the saxophone. So hearing a sax played will pull at his heartstrings.)

Exchange. So when I went to Natchitoches on exchange I got my first flat tire. It was a good exchange. Lots of biking...about 20 miles. 

So this week was awesome and we are planning to keep it that way. Oh and Mom, I got the package a couple weeks ago and it was awesome! I found the goat van thing so funny and soo accurate of Ghana. 

Oh and other awesome news James Konteh told me that Bro Johnson in Sierra Leone is getting baptized and also Howa Kobba and her younger sister. (That's Joseph Sandi's niece) Awesome miracle.:)

Love you all 
Love Elder Lehr

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