Monday, October 6, 2014

New Goods - 10/6/14

Elder Hacking and Elder Lehr

Elder Brimhall and Elder Lehr (both served in Sierra Leone for 10 months)

Elder Sabey (Elder Lehr's trainee/comp), Elder Lehr and Elder Allen (the brother of Elder Lehr's companion in Sierra Leone)
So this week has been pretty good I'll start by talking about my new companion.

New pikin (trainee/son): So my companion is Elder Sabey and he is an awesome missionary. He is just ready to work and is super obedient which is just what I needed. He is from Alberta Canada and is a total cowboy and hunter. And I'm a total nerd. But we still get along very well. So far he loves it here and is fearless when it comes to wanting to talk to people and find people to teach and that's what I need because I am not. Haha I think he is going to train me. Literally he is working me out every night which is awesome. 

Tracting: We actually went tracting last night for the first time in Louisiana and well we didn't get any new investigators or potential but it was good training. This Old lady we talked to was like "Baby, we already have Jesus." Imagine that in a very southern accent. And that pretty much sums up everyone here. Very Christian and good people. Just they are stuck in their ways. I mean it's good ways just there is so much more.

Investigators: So we have a referral named Laronda and we tried to contact her 3 times just she was never home. We saw Martey and almost got a member present but he had an emergency and then we tried to see him the next day and he broke his leg and was really struggling. Oh remember the one lady that contacted us at the library? We got a hold of her and set up an appointment for Oct 18 and so that was a miracle. Awesome.

Conference: So we watched Saturday conference with some members named the Johnstons and it was awesome because Sister Johnstons dad, Jimmy Carter (not the president of the US) actually joined us for conference. He has been inactive for a while and just came back. And that was awesome. Then on Sunday we watched at the church and it was just us so we enjoyed the whole chapel to ourselves.

The pictures are Me and my companion, Elder Sabey is on my right and Elder Allen is on my left. Another of me and Elder Hacking, another of me and Elder Brimhall my other Sierra Leone buddy.

Love you all so much :)
Elder Christian Lehr

The Natchitoches District before transfers

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