Monday, October 13, 2014

Great week full of miracles - 10/13/14

This has been a really good week. We have worked really hard and seen lots of miracles. So I'll go ahead and start with that good stuff.

Investigators: Martey broke his knee and is really struggling. We tried to see him but he couldn't even open the door for us to come in. And if his mom falls he can't really help her up because he can't even help himself up so that's kinda sad. But he really loves it when we come visit him. So that's nice. Also one of our investigators is a super busy man. He works 2 full time jobs so we are super lucky to catch him. And we totally did. We taught the restoration using a cup object lesson and it worked wonderfully. Elder Sabey and I taught with unity and it was awesome. We invited him to be baptized and he said he will sincerely pray and think about it which is a great start.

Miracle McDonalds: So our McDonalds in our area is like blessed or something.  The first time we went there a random guy paid for our fries, another time a random guy who contacted us bought us drinks there and I'll talk about that in a sec. And lastly we went there this last Saturday and there was this big black man who looked kinda like a thug who suddenly came up and was all like "It's on me, I'm buying your dinner." And so we tried to pay ourselves and he was like "No you are not buying it. I am buying your dinner!" So I was kinda intimidated but in awe of how nice this guy was. So basically this is a Miracle McDonalds. :)

Other Miracles: So we decided to go on a walk and the spirit prompted us to turn back and walk on the main road. So we did. And this random 85 year old guy named Guy pulled over and talked to us saying he talked to us before and rejected our books but now he is interested and wants to learn about Joseph Smith. So we went to McDonalds and talked to him. Awesome how the Lord always puts us in the right place at the right time. And this lady Laronda who we have been trying to contact for a while was finally at her house and we were able to leave her a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet. And she said that we could come over again and talk about it. Haha she also is really mad at the government right now as everyone here is and she said that her church is praying and fasting that we can get some good Christians in congress. haha I thought that was awesome.

Workout: Well my companion is working me out. I'm doing at least push ups every night. 

We also watched Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration with Bro. Lee, He is the less active who I took the pictures of the guns with. And it was awesome the spirit was really strong.  We also have 2 appointments tonight so we hope that works.

Rain: So the rain here is basically the same as in Sierra Leone except we don't have it for 7 days straight. It's awesome. I love the rain. Man I miss Sierra Leone. I don't really get trunky for home anymore. It's just sometimes missing Sierra Leone. If I had the chance to go there right now...I would not take it because I'm scared of Ebola haha. But if it weren't for that I would love to be there. But Louisiana is awesome. I am so glad I am here. I am getting along with Elder Sabey and we are working hard and really enjoying lil old Many.

Well love you all 
Love Elder Christian Lehr

P.S. So I have received some awesome info from James Conteh. He said that my investigators from Kissy are getting baptized :) (It is so wonderful that even through the trial of Ebola interrupting the lives of the Sierra Leone people, the Lord makes a way for His work to continue and for His gospel to be spread. How grateful we are for the strength of our fellow saints in Sierra Leone.  May God continue to bless them through this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. You have touched the life of Elder Lehr.  He is better for having served in Sweet Salone.)

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