Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Fair and Transfers - 9/30/14

So as far as lessons go this week was really bad. But as far as working hard it was pretty good. We had the Sabine Parish Fair and the church has a BBQ stand that they do every year as a fundraiser for the youth. It's pretty awesome. Everyone knows about our stand and people pretty much come to the fair each year to "get dem some of dem Mormon Burgers." And MAN are they good. It's charburgers that are dipped in a homemade BBQ sauce that is soooooo goood. Apparently it was even on the radio that people wanted to come here to get "der Mormon Burgers". So yeah we worked there about all week. 

Transfers!: I’ll talk about it later haha

Miracles: So we used to have a branch in Zwolle which is in our area but the branch fell apart because everyone went less active including the branch presidency. But this last Sunday Bro. Carter who was the branch president there who went inactive came to church with his family! Soo cool. Also while we were at the Fair one of the young men decided to get some of our pamphlets and pass them out to people. Really good. One thing I also really love about Louisiana is that people are not afraid to pray. At baseball games both teams still pray together. At the Fair they started with a prayer. Go Louisiana!..when everywhere else in the US is trying to ban praying in public stuff. 

Investigators: So we couldn't really see any of our investigators this week which was a bummer. Also because we don’t have the miles to do so yeah. We haven't contacted those referrals yet but we do plan to very soon because we will have miles this next week.

Transfers!: So Elder Hacking is being transferred and that is really hard on him right now. He does not wanna leave. And also I am going to be training. Which means I will get to at least "meet" Elder Thayne Allen (the brother of his companion from the Sierra Leone mission) tomorrow! And hopefully train him. That would be soooo awesome if I trained him. So that's the news so far. It's kinda funny everyone in our district is going to be training. 

Well that's all for now. Love you all and I’ll talk to you soon

Love Elder Lehr

P.S. We don't know where Elder Hacking is going till the meeting. And yeah I am definitely enjoying Many. Being in the Countryside really spoils a person with love.

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