Monday, August 24, 2015

Bring on the rain.. well at least an overcast - 8/24/15

Alexandria Stake Conference brings friends and Elder Lehr's mission "sons" together: Elder Toone, Elder Allen (son #2), Dawn Leone, Elder Lehr (mission dad) and Elder Sabey (son #1) -  happy times!

This week has been real good. The weather was an overcast basically all week so biking was soo nice. We had some pretty dang cool stuff happen this week.

Finding: Well we were trying to contact a referral the sisters gave us and we got a little lost along the way. Any who we stopped at this one house to check our planners and stuff and we get a prompting to knock on this door. So we do and we find a mother with 3 children and they met with missionaries before in Shreveport and saw how members of the church were always happy and they want that. So we had a great lesson and it was so cool all the kids pulled out their notebooks and took notes of everything we said and were asking great questions and the whole family wants to be baptized! So we will see how that progresses.

Stake conference: We had stake conference this weekend so I got to see Elder Sabey and Elder Brimhall and we all had a great time. It was also so neat to see all of the members in Many there. It was like a family reunion for me basically. I love them so much. Also our stake president, President Deford is seriously one of the most humble and spiritual people I know. Seriously talking to him just makes you feel like a million bucks. He is just so loving and profound and understanding. 

That was most of the exciting stuff that happened this week. It's interesting I only have 7 weeks left. It feels like I'm going home soon but it feels like I'm gonna be a missionary forever. It's weird. Also I talk about going home a lot but it doesn't distract me. I am just happy here. Life is good. Natchitoches is just not a very stressful place. I'm working hard, playing hard and enjoying every last bit of my mission I have left.
Love yall 
Elder Lehr

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