Tuesday, June 23, 2015

News and Duck Dynasty - 6/22/15

This has been such an eventful week. Literally it's been nuts.

Exchanges: So we went on exchanges in Lafayette to do baptism interviews as well and that was real fun. Also there is a place there called Stephens Chicken and it is super ghetto but super good. And lets just say that recently my stomach hasn't been feeling very good and so Elder Richardson told me to take a laxative to clear my system out. And I did. And I'm just saying that combining Stephens ghetto chicken with a laxative will absolutely destroy you. Don't try it. Then there have been some companionships in the zone that are really struggling so we had to go on exchanges with them.

African American Museum: We volunteered for that event and it was super cool. We contacted tons of people there and the local Fox News interviewed Elder Richardson and I.

Duck Dynasty: So there was a Father's Day event at the Bethany church and we got invited to that and that was Saturday. And guess what Phil Robertson and Alan Robertson from Duck Dynasty were there and we got to hear them preach. It was actually really good. But yeah I got to meet Phil Robertson. Crazy!

Investigator: One of our investigators committed to baptism on July 23. She was gonna come to church yesterday but then she was at the hospital due to dehydration. So that was lame

Parish: We saw him with our ward mission leader yesterday and Bro Tucker did a great job of letting him know why he needs to come to church. So we will be expecting Parish from here on out. Also we got Rachel's info and she still wants to have missionaries coming over so we are sending the North sisters over there.

Dang I'll send pictures next week. My camera isn't on me and I am also super dang tired.
Love yall
Elder Lehr

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