Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Feels like Africa - 6/9/15

Dang this has been another super crazy and busy week. From MLC to ZTM and an exchange to Lafayette and transfers. Dang it's been real fun.
So transfers: Elder Richardson and I are staying another so I am super pumped about that. And the new office Elder is Elder Allen! So I will get to see him all the time! I am soo pumped.
Finding: We followed up with quite a few of the people we contacted but it is so hard to get a hold of them again. So we decided to go tracting in a rich baller neighborhood and find some and have some fun. For the most part it's like Rich ballers are mean and the poor people will listen but won't keep any commitments. So anyway while we were tracting we found this woman who was super cool and super interested. Anyway the next day we try to get a return appointment and she says that her family is not ready for our religion yet. So that's really sad. She really wanted to know if there was a heaven and she really had so much potential but it seems like her background is holding her back for now.
Parish: He was gonna come to church and then he got the Flu.... gosh darn satan.. I'll get him.
More Tracting: We decided to tract another Rich balla neighborhood and just from tracting half a street we got 2 return appointments. Life is still good.
Sayda: She is absolutely golden. She is so cool and is gonna go to the singles ward this week so we are handing her off to the sisters since she is way too single.
We finally got in touch with Corrella again and we found her address. When we taught her she literally brought like 10 people over...like 5 children and 5 adults. And she is gonna bring more. That is what really feels like Africa again. It is so cool she is awesome.

This next transfer is gonna be such a blast I am so ready to be finishing strong. 

Love yall
Elder Lehr

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