Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Turtle Slayers - 6/15/15

Dang another week full of adventures. 

Turtles: Elder Richardson and I caught a turtle that was absolutely huge it was a mammoth of a turtle. Literally It was like a foot and a half long. It was HUGE so we are making turtle gumbo again yum!

Crazy Referral: So while contacting we ask this woman for a referral and she says "yup right over there lives the devil himself yall should go visit him." So we did and it was literally crazy. He has a bandana and a Go-tee and literally looked like he was gonna kill someone. And he is like "Elder Lehr now that is a cool name." And then goes on prophesying to me for 45 minutes straight without breaking eye contact about how I have a face that needs to be on TV and how I need to be a supreme court judge and how I have great influence over women. It was hilarious. He said some more comments that were hilarious but very inappropriate so I won't share that with yall.

Investigators: Well we finally got a hold of one of our investigators again and she is doing pretty good. We are going to go see someone in jail this week. It was pretty funny our investigator is like "Aren't yall scared to go visit jail? Those are some crazy people." And I'm all like "We're in the Ghetto this is way more dangerous then jail! These people are loose." So she is doing pretty good. Sayda couldn't come to church and neither did Parish.

Well that's been most of what's happened this week. I love yall so much
Love Elder Lehr

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