Monday, February 16, 2015

Pretty Crazy Week - 2/16/15

Elder Wittig and Elder Lehr

I hope I can remember all the important stuff that happened this week.

Donald: So we go to teach one of our investigators named Sylvester who is a super cool guy. He took a bullet to the head a while back so he is a little slower but he still understands what we teach him. And right after we teach him this really scary looking guy comes up to us and my first thoughts were "he is gonna kill me" but anyway he didn't. Instead he talked to us about how he has been looking for a church and how he really wants to come to Christ but whenever he tries temptation just gets too hard. So he wanted us to give him a few scriptures to read and we set an appointment and gave him as a referral to the AP's. Super cool.

Zone Meeting: We didn't have MLC this month yet due to Elder Kapishka from the Seventy coming on the 20'th for a zone conference. So we did a zone meeting without that. It actually turned out really well. We are focusing on finding people, our purpose, and inviting. I talked to President Hansen during our interviews and he told me that now is harvest time. That the Lord has prepared lots of people to receive the gospel. The problem is that we do face a lot of persecution and rejection here so a LOT of missionaries get really discouraged and simply aren't willing to find people to teach. Also a lot of members here in Baton Rouge are really discouraged as well so we are going to change that.

Parade: President allowed us to attend one Mardi Gras parade and so we went to one this weekend. It was really fun but I will say that these parades are definitely not your Utah parade. They get pretty crazy here. I got a few beads though that I will send home.

Talk: On Friday we get a call saying that we are giving talks on Sunday and we got pretty busy so we weren't able to prepare our talks till Sunday morning. And when we got to church, President Hansen was there, Elder Bluth the Area Seventy was there and all the stake presidents in our mission were there. And I didn't have much time to prepare my talk so I was like "oh shoot." But it went really well.

When I get home: During interviews with President I finally found out when I am going home. I go home Oct 15. And I entered the MTC October 4. Which means I get to have a longer mission! That's pretty sweet.

Like I said Elder Kapishka is coming on Friday and apparently at the end of March we are having another Seventy come. So we are just getting hammered with General Authorities here. It's pretty sweet.  We need it.

I love you all and I can’t believe I’ll be 20 tomorrow. Mardi Gras is tomorrow as well so everyone will be celebrating my birthday haha. Again, love you
Love Elder Lehr

P.S. Oh yeah we were able to go to the temple. That was sweet. I loved it.

So I haven't gotten a LSU hat yet. That hat is like 25 bucks and my companion and I are looking around for a good deal where I can get a solid hat for like 10 bucks. That way I feel better about it you know. And I’m still a teenager right now :) Elder Horrocks is a treat. I love that man. We have so much fun together. He is the most surprising man I know. He went to Bingham High and he used to have SUPER long hair. And he's an athlete. And at Zone meeting when we all introduce ourselves we also said something interesting about ourselves so I said that I was the pokemon master. And then I find out that he is more into pokemon then I was. Now that is impressive. haha I was laughing so hard when I found that out. I love that man.  Elder Sabey is still rocking in Many from what I hear. I’m glad that Noelle had fun.

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